Certified Organic Cotton Towel

Organic cotton towels are pure, dye-free and industrial chemicals are non-existent. MCC have selected the finest certified organic cotton yarns to provide you with a luxurious product that is as pure and sustainable as can be: no heavy metals, chemicals, or dyes were used in the production of our 100% organic cotton towels.

Over the years, our customers rely on our hypo-allergenic products that are gentle on people, animals, and the planet, products that go a long way — because they are natural and pure — towards relieving allergies and skin conditions caused by prolonged exposure or contact with chemicals. Many physicians have specifically recommended organic cotton towels to their patients suffering from allergies and skin conditions such as psoriasis, tinea versicolor, and more, or patients who have just undergone a major procedure like chemotherapy because our organic cotton towels do not irritate the skin like chemically treated towels may. Our organic cotton towels protect your precious baby carefully from chemical irritations.